PinocchioP - I'm glad you're evil too


This song has great choruses and the refrain, and it was the choruses that made me realize that this English translation of the song's title is not quite correct. Here are the lyrics of the first chorus, along with jank-English translation from myself:

夕焼けがきれいで 犬はかわいくて

野暮なニュースに 一緒にむかついて

ダメ映画で笑って バラエティ見て泣いて

はしゃぎまわる 少し寂しい二人がいた


This sunset is beautiful and our dog is cute(1)

Getting annoyed by Fox News(2) together

Laughing at shitty movies, crying at Jeopardy

A whirling lonesome couple, that was us

I'm glad you're evil too, as much as me

When I read these lyrics, I don't really feel any sense of evil from this couple. Instead, these lyrics seem to give me the same feeling as "oh god this couple is so lovey-dovey it makes me sick." I think the one-word description I want is "terrible," but as a hyperbole. For example:

Alice: I like to lie down on my couch and watch Netflix for hours on end.
Bob: That's terrible.

With that in mind, my headcannon translation for the English translation of this song is "I'm glad you're terrible too".

  1. (1) Dog is singular based on the YouTube video, and "our" is based on my imagination.
  2. (2) My completely uninformed opinion on Fox News.