Difficulty with DoorDash Receipts and Reimbursement


I had an engineering org all-hands meeting for which I could expense a meal. I wanted some Cantonese food but there are no such restaurants within walking distance, so I ordered my meal via DoorDash. The food came and it was great; now, I need to get reimbursed by my company. Let me just pull up the receipt from the DoorDash app...

DoorDash receipt showing the date as "Today at 12:08 PM"

The problem here is that the date on this receipt is shown as "Today at 12:08 PM." This is not a date that is acceptable to the IRS for a reimbursement, so my company will not reimburse me for my meal using this receipt.

My solution has been to wait until the next day to generate a receipt. This way, Doordash's receipt template recognizes that the day has passed and doesn't change "2022/05/24" to "Today".

I would love if DoorDash didn't use this human-friendly date formatting in a document that some may use in a legal reimbursement context.